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  DSC04824There's something irrepressibly dorky about attending new music festivals in 2010. Louder and less polite than classical concerts, yet more cerebral than rock shows, they encourage a casual fastidiousness, a collaborative judgementalness. For an outward manifestation of said dorkiness, one need look no further than Twitter, where last night some 40 bloggers, musicians and fans used the hash tag #boac to post their 140 character musings on the 23rd annual Bang on a Can Marathon at the World Financial Center. Most of the Tweets were insightful, carefully crafted, and downright funny. (You can see mine at: I don't know what the point of it was, but it was fun to read what others were thinking at the same time you were having your own thoughts. But, god forbid you got some detail wrong.

More pics on the Flickr page.  

Bang On A Can Marathon Today

  Fullscreen capture 6272010 30322 PM.bmpThe annual Bang on a Can Marathon is happening again today at the World Finncial Center Wintergarden in lower Manhattan. They've been at it since noon, and will be going all the way til midnight tonight. Highlights still to come: JACK performing Xenakis' Tetras (4pm) indie duo Buke and Gass (630pm), and a special appearance by Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid (8pm) performing his own Ghost Narratives. Closing out at 11pm tonight will be Michael Gordon, David Lang and Julia Wolfe's Shelter, performed by Signal with film by Bill Morrison.