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FoM in Deli Magazine

  FoM DeliMy new friend Nora over at i rock i roll included FoM in her lineup of emerging NYC Music Blogs in this quarter's Deli Magazine, available now at finer record stores and dive bars throughout the city. In her intro, Nora says that she did the piece to help educate herself on the current state of the NYC music blogosphere: when she started IRIR back in 2004, there were only a handful of music blogs out there, most of which have since "retired." 

Unfortunately, you can't read the magazine online, but if you go to the Deli Magazine site, there is a link where you can download a pdf of the print edition. 

Some excerpts for those who don't feel like downloading:

  • "There are better classical blogs out there, and more knowledgeable rock bloggers, but I don't know of anyone who covers the range of territory I do."
  • "Everything seems to be converging in NYC, and I just want to be here to document it all."
  • "The Williamsburg scene is too twee and risks extinction from feeding on itself. Bowery is a monopoly, and drink prices are outrageous everywhere. Outside of Todd P's joints, there aren't nearly enough all-ages shows out there. But, hey, nowhere's perfect. Maybe Austin."