Squeeze @ Bryant Park
Monotonix @ 450 Union

Jenny Scheinman @ the Village Vanguard

  DSC02556After Squeeze last night, I shot downtown to the Village Vanguard in time to catch a spectral, soaring set by violinist (and Barbes regular) Jenny Scheinman. From the stage, she told us that she wrote all new pieces for her run there this week, which she's given the deliberately cheeky title "Mischief and Mayhem," as if to forewarn folks this wasn't going to be your standard night at the Vanguard. Scheinman was joined by several of her longtime collaborators, including Wilco guitarist Nels Cline, drummer-about-town Jim Black, and bassist Todd Sickafoose, all of whom took their turns spinning Scheinman's silky textures into exuberant, rapturous dissonance that fell somewhere between rock and jazz, adhering to neither. (More pics below.)