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A Night in Toronto

Lost In The Trees & The Loom @ Mercury Lounge

DSC02975 A brilliant show from Chapel Hill-based Lost in the Trees this past Monday at the Mercury Lounge, layering classical textures (via two cellos and a violin) on top of indie and folk motifs. At one point, singer/songwriter Ari Picker spoke to the capacity crowd about the band's musical genesis, which was unfortunately lost on most of those in attendance:

"I discovered classical music relatively late, in 2005. It was a mind-opening experience, like going to church or temple for the first time. I'd never had any lessons, never had any exposure to classical music growing up. Just thought I'd tell you that to help explain what it is we're doing up here."

They closed with a sweet, charming sing-along played in the center of the floor, the glockenspiel and unamplified strings making me think I'd landed smack dab in the middle of a chamber concert. They were able to sustain that illusion until the end, when the manic screams of approval broke the hushed silence. Who knows, maybe someday we'll hear those same screams in concert halls.

Local indie folksters The Loom opened with their own brilliant set, glistening with brass, banjo and percussion. All-in-all, not a bad way to start the week. (More pics below.)

The Loom DSC02962
DSC02962 Lost In the Trees