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White Light Festival: Opening Night

Nat Baldwin/Buke and Gass @ Zebulon

DSC03596 I made the trek out to Williamsburg last night for an amazing evening of experimental pop at a packed-in Zebulon. First up was the mesmerizing Nat Baldwin who played upright bass and sang in a high, quavering voice (not unlike that other guy he usually works with.) The overall effect was creepy and ethereal, the driving warmth of the bass complemented by Will Glass' complex drumming. 

DSC03603Nat was followed by DIY duo Buke and Gass, who I saw just last week during CMJ. Maybe it was the relative tightness and scruffiness of the room, but last night's show felt far more intense, full of mathematical precision, breathtaking dissonance and rhythmic, tribal drumming (stomped out by Aron Sanchez while playing his hybrid guitar/bass.) And, of course, there was Arone Dyer: singing her heart out, smiling all the way. For my money, B&G are playing the most furious, intricate, ecstatic music in NYC right now; unfortunately, you'll need to wait til December if you want to see them here again.  

DSC03599Unfortunately, I missed the late night set by Delicate Steve, who plays acoustic folk mixed with electronics, but I might try to catch his late night set on Halloween at Cake Shop.

More pics below and on Flickr. Apparently, the Times was there, too.