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New Music Moving to Brooklyn

360 doubleNot to be outdone by Issue Project Room's pending relocation to Downtown Brooklyn, veteran new music space Roulette has announced that it will soon be relocating to the YMCA's 1928 Art Deco theater on Atlantic and Third, a stone's throw from BAM (and right across the street from Hank's.) The 600-capacity theater is a massive upgrade from Roulette's longtime SoHo digs: it has a wraparound balcony and a large proscenium stage with an equally-large backstage area that will allow for bigger, more diverse ensembles. After finishing up current renovations, they are set to present their first concert in the new space in March 2011. 

Meanwhile, Issue is still lagging way behind in raising the money necessary to make the move to 110 Livingston, but things are looking up with the recent hiring of Ed Patuto as the new Executive Director, replacing Issue's late founder, Suzanne Fiol. Assuming both institutions manage to get their act together, Downtown Brooklyn is looking more and more like it's destined to become the new Downtown.