Beach Time
Dan Deacon @ SXSW

SXSW 2011

IMG00131.jpgI've just arrived in Austin direct from Cancun for the 2011 edition of SXSW, which at first glance looks to be bigger (and badder) than ever. I'm chilling out tonight at Stubbs, where AOL is hosting a solid showcase under the stars with Noah and the Whale, Portugal. The Man, and TV on the Radio. The sausage and brisket is pretty good, too.

Full disclosure: I'm here this year thanks to the day job, through which I do business with one of this year's platinum sponsors. Which means I am, for the first time, a Platinum badge holder, giving me full access to the convention floor and all official showcases, in addition to all the unofficial day parties that have always been this thing's real charm. Good thing I already got those Mexico pics off my camera...

Stay tuned for updates throughout the weekend.