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Wordless Music Orchestra: Glass, Ligeti and Greenwood

Miracle on Drums

DSC02717There is nothing more life-affirming than seeing drummer Roy Haynes, 86, still at the top of his game. Haynes has played with everyone from Prez, to Bird, to Sassy, and carries with him the full weight of the history of jazz as we know it. But, this isn't some sedate octogenarian resting in the back of the bandstand: Haynes is front-and-center, his gestures crisp with all the same snap-and-crackle they ever had.

If you haven't had the chance to experience to experience Roy live, he'll be at the Jazz Standard all weekend, playing with the Fountain of Youth Band (Jaleel Shaw – alto saxophone, Martin Bejerano – piano, David Wong – bass.) It'll almost make you want to get old.