Sonar By Night: Saturday Pics
Fěte de la Musique Pics

Fete de la Musique - à France

I'm sorry to be missing today's Make Music New York, but happy to be in France, where Fete de la Musique began 30 years ago in Paris. Tonight, I'm in Aix-en-Provence, where the music is literally coming from all corners; the narrow streets make it feel like its all around you. The Place de la Republique is filled with Djs, the Rue de l'Opera has rock bands playing a festival-size stage while on the side streets dozens of cover bands play everything from Bob Marley to Guns n Roses. Among the more interesting offerings I've heard so far: a Capoeira band w/dancers, a band of 5 teenagers who sounded a bit like No Age, and some kind of junkyard instrument made out of cymbals and an old oil drum. Oh, and there's this guy Six Monkeys who sounded a bit like Beirut's Zach Condon, playing over loops and prerecorded tracks. Good stuff.

Of course, tonight isn't about the quality of music, it's about getting everybody out to enjoy each others company - friends and strangers alike - on the longest day of the year.

Sorry you can't be here to see it for yourself (there'll be better pics than this tomorrow.) But, hey, if you're back in NYC, why don't you go out and do the same? Its all free, so check it out: