The Other Lucerne Festival
Montreaux = Music

Music Above the Clouds

DSC00537I've been to concerts in a lot of out-of-the-way places, but I can't think of any that top the show I saw Friday night at the Berghotel Schynige Platte: an historic hotel situated in an alpine meadow some 6500 feet above Interlaken, Switzerland. The only way to get to this remote place is via a 19th century cog-wheel train, which takes nearly an hour to make the 10 km journey straight up the mountain.

For little more than the normal price of a round-trip ticket, I was treated to a superb buffet dinner, drinks, and a full set by Marc Trauffer - former lead singer of one of Switzerland's biggest rock/pop bands, Airbag. An emotive, engaging performer, Trauffer sang and bantered in Swiss German, joking with the 40-or-so of us in attendance that he felt like he was playing "his grandmother's birthday party." 

The best part of the whole deal, though, was that they reserved a special late train back down the hill for us, which allowed us to remain up at the top during the spectacular sunset over the mountains. I was out snapping pictures of said sunset, when I heard Trauffer and his band out on the balcony, who's come out to play a ballad en plein air, with just Trauffer, his female backup singer, and an acoustic guitar. Pretty perfect.  

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