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Zurich Outdoors

Zurich is a city with a lot less character than its Alpine counterparts, but isn't entirely without its charms. Especially on a beautiful, clear day like today, where the whole city seems to pour outdoors, plunging off quays and bridges into the crystal-clear waters of Lake Zurich. This was the scene at Letten: a "beach" of sorts along the banks of the Linmat River, just north of the lake, where young men and women hung out in a graffiti-decorated park, sunbathing and occasionally dancing to the better-than-average DJ. Sort of like PS1's WarmUp, without the architecture.

Closer to sunset, I wandered down to Seebad Enge, one of several public baths that ring the lake where you can have a drink and enjoy the view(s). Instead, I was treated to a performance by Cock to Cock: a trio of girl singers who sang a mix of covers and originals with acoustic guitars and occasional brass and beats. A local told me that it was part of a new bi-weekly series of unplugged shows on Sunday nights that runs through August: like a slimmed down version of the Pool Parties.

Speaking of the Pool Parties, from what I can tell, they aren't happening this year: the only shows happening on the Williamsburg Waterfront are paid shows, most of which go for $40 and up. (The Might Be Giants are playing a free show on July 29.) 


See you back in NYC!