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September 29, 2011

Tuesday Regulars

Jenny scheinman_001

For the past 8 years, two acts have steadily held court at Barbes on Tuesday nights, making the corner of 6th Ave and 9th Street home to one of the great nights of music anywhere in NYC. The early slot (7p) belongs to the violinist/composer Jenny Scheinman, who these days can be found playing hifalutin places like the Village Vanguard. Last night, she appeared with clarinetist Doug Wieselman and guitarist Steve Cardenes, playing a few covers but mostly originals from her wide-ranging catalog, blending jazz with folk and old time music. At close range, she is a disarming, magnetic presence.

Slavic soul party_003

Following Jenny is Slavic Soul Party (9p), the 9-member brass band whose unique sound blends New Orleans jazz with the intoxicating rhythms of the Balkans. As always, they had the crowd of a half-dozen tongues swaying back and forth to their mesmerizing music, just like the snake charmer does to the proverbial cobra.  

You've got one more chance to see Jenny at Barbes this year: on Oct 11 with singer Rachelle Garniez. (Her Vanguard run with Bill Frisell is Dec. 6-12.) Slavic Soul Party will be at Barbes forever - or, at the very least, for the foreseeable future. See you all out here sometime. Jenny schienman_002