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Steve Reich on 9/11

David Del Tredici and Marc Peloquin at Barbes

David del tredici_Barbes_11.9.6_003It's not every day that a Pulitzer Prize-winning composer plays your local watering hole, so when I heard that David Del Tredici was going to be at Barbes tonight perform and accompany the fine pianist Marc Peloquin on repertoire from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, I grabbed my umbrella and trudged my way down to 6th Ave.

Del Tredici, now 74, was vibrant and engaging, especially when performing his own compositions: "Fantasy on a Cherished Name," "Farewell, R.W." and the duo "Carioca Boy-Tango." The highlight of Peloquin's performance was the spiky, bass-heavy "Growl" by Dennis Tobenski (b.1982), who was present for the premiere. 

Not a bad way to stay out of the rain. More pics on the photo page.