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Globular Cluster @ Degenerate Craft Fair

by Sky Disco

Globuluar set list
Every show put on by the ambient, experimental band Globular Cluster is a completely different event. At the Degenerate Craft Fair on Saturday night, I caught them for the second time as they were providing 3 hours of atmosphere for the holiday shoppers.  There were six musicians occupying the corner of a basement area with a stew of instruments: two keyboards, drum kit, Akai MPC 2000, turntable, guitar, bass, and an air-powered synthesizer. 

Their performance was structured improvisation.  Sometimes a friend of the band would appear and be welcomed onto the stage to join in. (That doesn't include the two dancing Santas who randomly wandered in from Santacon.)  It was interesting to see the impact these guest players had on the ensemble: everyone's eyes and ears perked up, and then - with focus And freedom - everyone slid into the new flow.

After speaking with drummer/guitarist, Jake Adams, I learned the band's name is based on their idea of including everyone in the show. “The audience is almost more important than the band -- or at least there should be a blurred line.” The group was founded in 2009, initiated with spacey jams in the back stairwell of the Museum of Natural History, where Adams works.  (Other band members are: Sara Reynolds, Tom Doncourt, Trammell Scruggs, Liz Magee and Zhenya Warshavsky.) 

Dancing Santa 1