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Kaitlyn Rostai at Bar East

by David Artavia Kaitlyn Rostai Bar East

When I heard that L.A. based singer-songwriter Kaitlyn Rosati was back in town, I found myself giddy with excitement. I had seen her shows in Hollywood, and they were always full of fun-loving crowds from all kinds of backgrounds. Rosati was always decked out to the nines: feathers, boas, leotards - not to mention those stillettos. Her mixture of Pop, Rock, and Soul create a perfectly heartfelt experience. Her lyrics are funny, raw - and sometimes downright inappropriate. Deep inside those lyrics and catchy melodies, though, she feeds you truthful glimpses into the human experience. I couldn’t miss it.  

When I arrived at Bar East on the Upper East Side, I was lucky enough to get a spot in the front. Most of the audience were dressed in amazing outfits, ready to rock out. When Kaitlyn came on stage, everyone was taken aback. This was a side of her which none of us had seen: no band, no fancy costume, just Kaitlyn and her boyfriend, guitarist Jeff Saltzberg. 

In an instant, the entire place was silent. The very second she started singing, she transported us into her world.  Her songs, such as “Psycho in Me”, “Impossible”, and “Fairytale” all offer a sarcastic view on her life experiences, many of which we could relate to. At one point, Rosati moved to the piano, where she played a cover from Lady Gaga. Halfway through the song she got emotional and started to cry, but when the crowd cheered her on, she regained her composure and finished, to roaring applause. 

For me, the measure of a true artist is that, no matter how small the venue, no matter how many instruments you have, the music penetrates deep in the hearts of the listeners. Kaitlyn had the type of personality that makes you want to be her best friend, and she was incredibly gracious to all that came out to see her. Afterwards, she even bought me a drink at the bar, and we talked about music and her inspirations, and let me tell you…this is one performer that defines professional.