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New Amsterdam Presents

by FoM

"Musicians, audiences and venues all want the same thing: we all want a world without limits, musically. We want artists to present the kinds of projects they've always imagined." - Judd Greenstein

As someone with their own on-again, off-again "Presents" entity, I know how much it can cost to put on shows in this town, much less in other places. So, when Judd announced this week's fundraiser - offering five free album downloads in exchange for a donation to New Amsterdam Presents - it sounded like a sweet deal to me. (Okay, you can actually download the album without donating, but don't be such a Scrooge.)

Speaking of Judd, the second annual Ecstatic Music Festival is coming up in February, with a lineup that features more innovative dual bills like Oneida with Rhys Chatham, Dan Deacon with the NOW Ensemble and Calder Quartet, and Mountain Goats with Anonymous 4. Single tickets for many shows are already gone, but you can still get in with a festival pass, on sale here