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White Hills at Littlefield

by Sky Disco

Escaping back to Brooklyn from the mob of drunk Santas in the city this past Saturday, my friend Liz received a text on her “Batphone” alerting us of a space rock show at Littlefield, featuring White Hills. Before the performance began, I kicked myself for not having brought ear protection to prevent being blown to another galaxy by the stacks of guitar amps and cabs onstage. Thankfully, I can still hear today.

With spare lyrics, White Hills' music sometimes made me ponder, while at other times left no place for thought. Guitarist Dave W. must have had about 20 floor pedals: his sound was wayyyy far out, with lots of vintagey reverbs and delays. Dave delivered passionate, artistically precise solos over the mega-meteor thump of bassist Ego Sensation, who had no fewer than seven pedals herself. And, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a drummer as hard-hitting and insightful as Nick Name.

Based in Brooklyn, White Hills have toured heavily in Europe and the US, having put out no fewer than 18 releases since 2007, their latest being "Frying on this Rock.” More info on the Thrill Jockey Records site.