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David Sanchez Quartet at the Jazz Standard

by Linda Hutchinson

David sanchez

Playing a sax that could tame the most savage of moods, Grammy-award winner David Sanchez transformed the Jazz Standard into a serene oasis on Friday night, in the midst of his week-long run.  Sanchez, a one-time protégé of Dizzy Gillespie, confided to us that his joints were stiff from the cold weather - unknown in his native Puerto Rico - and that he was starting to feel “the challenges of getting old."   

“Four days ago I joined the bi-focal world,” he joked, “and I am still adjusting.” 

Nevertheless, the music Sanchez delivered was fresh and vibrant. Combining mellow sax with an African beat, the first few numbers flowed peacefully, the audience visibly engrossed by every note. “Endless Wait” began with a riveting bass solo, and progressed into a series of playfully quizzical inflections which suggested questions asked and answered.  There were pauses so dramatic that you were not even sure when it was safe to clap.

Displaying an impressive synergy as they played for the very first time together with Sanchez were Luis Perdomo on piano, Matt Brewer on bass, and Henry Cole on drums.