Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band @ The Radio Bean in Burlington, Vermont.
David Sanchez Quartet at the Jazz Standard

Nathan McKee at Art Jam

by Sky Disco

Nathan McKee is what you get when you blend Alaskan outdoors with New York concrete. His euphoric, tingly sound seems to melt all the slab away while growing moss and blossoms in its place. The inaugural Art Jam event at PLATFORM in South Williamsburg last night, where musicians collaborate with visual artists, was an ideal showcase for Nathan's work. His show was a live art installation in itself, using guitar, a looper pedal, and mixer to create elaborate rhythms and melodic layers.  As he introduced his voice to the mix, I couldn't quite understand the words through the reverb, but it felt like I was listening to the prayers of a lone man on a journey. It seems as if McKee discovers a new part of himself every time he plays; as such, a new part of me was awakened by experiencing his show.

IMG_2321McKee performed to a video installation by the exhibiting artist of the night, Alison Kuo. Molding brightly colored, dollar store items into what appeared to be life scenes, her installations mirrored food spreads, medicine cabinets and other household representations.  I'm not sure what Alison had in mind when creating her work, but I enjoyed it. Between the music and the art, I found myself contemplating the demise of the essential healthy and natural elements of the world.  I thought of the beautiful forests, oceans and foods that have been altered by mankind.  I thought of fast food and genetically engineered broccoli or salmon. And then, I thought of how lovely it was to be carried away while listening to the music of Nathan McKee.