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Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band @ The Radio Bean in Burlington, Vermont.

Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble Perform "Decasia" at the WFC Wintergarden



Last night, New Sounds Live's Silent Film Series wrapped up its mini-retrospective of the films of Bill Morrison with a screening of 2001's Decasia, his most celebrated film. Using found footage of nitrate film in various states of decay, Morrison says his film - with random images of nuns, boxers, and whirling dervishes - is a mediation on the slow decay of our own bodies, "with only our thoughts, dreams, and memories left behind." A morbid thought, perhaps, but with Michael Gordon's intense, piledriver score providing the backdrop - he calls it a "symphony" - there was no time for sentimentality. Kudos to the kids from the Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble and their director, Timothy Weiss who played the heck out of this extremely challenging music. In the dark.