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The Purplehearts - Bowery Electric

By Brian TellJOFF
As the stars were lining the red carpet Sunday night, I opted to check out The Purplehearts at Bowery Electric instead. The rock quartet filled the basement space with their unique sound fronted by Joff Wilson, doubling on old-school punk vocals and lead guitar.

The set started with a protest song reminiscent of the 60's spirit, "When the War is Over," engaging the crowd with it's simple, still-relevant message.  Accompanying the band was a veteran of the 60's movement itself, David Peel: an Apple Records artist back in the 70's, and well known for his relationship with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. 

Wilson's guitar playing was impressive as he danced about the stage lost in the music. The band's raw energy reminded me of 70's arena rock - especially once the saxophone fills mixed in. Solid drums and bass guitar rounded out the sound, keeping the beat moving.