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3rd Annual New Music Bake Sale at Roulette


13.3.11 New music bake sale 3-11-2012 9-08-59 PM

It's hard to believe that it's been three years since the first New Music Bake Sale was held in a church attic in Brooklyn Heights. After moving to the Irondale Center in 2010, organizers took last year off. Fortunately, the fun, adorably dorky event resurfaced again last night at the new Roulette, where the ground floor seats had all been replaced with long tables, featuring various new music groups purveying baked goods, along with their standard merch of CDs, buttons, and tote bags. 

The event, which started at four in the afternoon, was a marathon affair, featuring well-seasoned vets like Newspeak and Janus along with young upstarts like Sweat Lodge and Concert Black (who performed the first movement from Robert Honstein's amazingly titled, RE: You better find those little blue pills if you plan on giving her more than lip service.)

Unfortunately,  I didn't get there 'til late, but was still in time to see brass ensemble Tilt (including Matt Marks, Chris McIntyre and others) play Mauricio Kagel's "10 Marches (to miss the victory)" and Jon Gibson's "Multiples." Then, to close the night, fusion rock/new music ensemble Gutbucket blew it out, with Ken Thomson going apeshit on alto. Fun times on a Sunday night.


13.3.11 New music bake sale 3-11-2012 9-34-28 PM

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