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Korallreven at Bowery Ballroom

by Sky Disco

If you’ve ever had one of those lucid dreams where you’re flying and suddenly realize you’re in full control, that is one way, perhaps, to describe the live Korallreven experience at the Bowery Ballroom Sunday night. Their electronic, ambient pulse draped the spectators in euphoria. Often, I go to shows that have a very high energy element, but this night was perfect in a different way. All worries temporarily wiped away, the relaxed-and-ready vibe throughout the venue was apparent - and welcome. In the midst of the performance, the airiness reminded me of the gorgeous first flight scene in the movie Avatar after Jake wrestled to connect with the soaring wild creature. It was like a romantic freedom flight with nature. 

Korallreven is comprised of Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder. The stage set-up contained a keyboard, laptop, sample trigger, guitar effects and floor tom.  The percussive parts of their tunes pumped directly through shoulders, making them bounce with tribal-tropic rhythms. The vocals and synths carried me away on clouds. Behind the band, a projection streamed filling the entire back wall, projecting outside the lines as if mirroring the music they emitted. Korallreven's sound seems to transcend borders. When it was all over, the audience wanted another dose, which you can see below.


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