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Missy Mazzoli's Song From the Uproar

Missy mazzoli song from the uproar

Missy Mazzoli's new opera Song From the Uproar, which has been seen in various stages of development over the past few seasons, finished it's run at The Kitchen this weekend. With videos by Stephen Taylor and an exotic set design by Zane Philstrom, the performance was visually arresting. And, to be sure, Missy has written a lot of great music for this 90 minute opera, played here by the NOW Ensemble with an ensemble cast of singers. Unfortunately, it was nearly impossible to follow the story, due in part to the abstract direction by Gia Forakis, but even more so due to Abigail Fischer's dictionless vibrato in the lead role of Isabelle Bernhardt. Fischer, a mezzo-soprano, may have some pipes, but without communication skills to match, the point is lost. 

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