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Spacing Out to Spaces at Public Assembly

by James PellegrinoSpaces
Brooklyn’s own nerd-metal band Spaces performed at Public Assembly last night, taking a note out of the Megaman music book with energetic keyboard licks and electro-magnetic effects on lead guitar, lending their music a fun, loopy feel. There were accompanying projections of footage from the moon landing and jets flying through the atmosphere, among other Lawnmower Man-type images.

The visuals gave hints that the band holds a kind of artistic rejection of science, a mocking air towards exploration.  Musically, Spaces stands between haunting melodies and Metallica-influenced metal without quite picking a side.

Spaces will be a great band to see this summer outdoors, when they can expand their projections.  Just remember to bring a blanket, because you’re going to want to sit down and space out.