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Trampled by Turtles - Webster Hall

By Brian Tell

 Trampled by Turtles, an indie-folk quintet from Duluth, MN, carried their bluegrass sound to New York's Webster Hall  Tuesday night. With authentic American Folk instruments like mandolin and banjo, I wouldn’t say I was trampled, but I was hit with something: A smile. 

TBT is only one week into the tour promoting their new album, “Stars and Satellites," but seems to have already hit their stride. Their passion and energy stems from lead singer Dave Simonett, who sported an Austin City Limits tee and a scratched acoustic guitar. Simonett made for a reluctant frontman, turning his back to the audience on numerous occasions.

The crowd-pleasing night alternated from rowdy numbers like “It’s a War,” to earnest ballads like “Alone.”  You couldn’t help but stomp along and shout the catchy hooks in “Codeine” and “Wait So Long.” They eventually moved into an ensemble jam with opening act These United States, with whom they clearly have a musical camaraderie that extends beyond the stage.

The show left me feeling...happy.  The songs were genuine, and the band sang with contagious charm. The fans that packed Webster Hall on Tuesday night got more than a concert: they caught a Celebration. 

The evening closed with a quiet rendition of “Again,” with Simonett kindly asking the audience, “Will I see you again?” Hope so.