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Blank Paper @Webster Hall Studio

Blank Paper
By Freya Wilcox

Last Friday night Webster Hall was the venue of the moment. The street was lined with film and television trucks, moderately famous musicians and fans desperately hoping for a ticket to see rock legend Jack White take the stage. 

Little did the anxious street know that right next-door in The Studio, something very special was about to happen. In front of an intimate audience in the underground venue - electronic trio Blank Paper brought their intense "synth-pop" style to the party and proved that electro can still have soul.

Their humanization of electronic music was not only reigned in with exceptional rhythm but somehow the immense presence of Ling Ling (K. Marie Kim), as she danced and sang with incredible passion managed to break preconceived notions of what dance music is and can be.

TBone (Taylor Bense) showed a unique vision and taste with intriguing sounds wonderfully layered in what can only be described as the crossbeats of Blank Paper's Little Dragon-esque electric symphony.

The incredibly impressive energy of the band radiated in the room as heads began to bob and hips began to rock and the audience was reminded that there is something very real and very heartfelt that exists in the dusty corners of dance music - behind the mediocre DJs and standardized sounds looped on cheap software in the city’s tiny bedrooms.

The impressive substance and sustaining power of Blank Paper is most definitely worth your time - no matter what your usual taste in music, these guys will open your mind to synth-based dance with their compulsively listenable tracks and the honesty in their energy onstage.

 Blank Paper2