Tracy Silverman at The Stone
The Great GoogaMooga - Sunday

The Great GoogaMooga - Saturday

DSC09294The Superfly guys who organized this year's first annual GoogaMooga Festival couldn't have asked for a better weekend, with perfect weather forecast for both Saturday and Sunday, and no other major events happening in town. And, with NYC becoming more and more of a foodie town, the idea of having a free outdoor food festival to kick off the summer seemed like a good one.

Unfortunately, they forgot one thing: the Food. Everywhere I went yesterday, there were huge lines snaking up to the stands, which, if they had any food left at all, was doled out in miniscule portions. Compound that with the fact that you couldn't bring in any outside food, and that there was an oversupply of beer, wine and cocktails, and you can imagine how many disasters there were by nightfall. Chalk it up to first-year kinks: Superfly will no doubt have this thing humming next year, just like Bonnaroo or San Francisco's Outside Lands.

It looks like another great day today, and with Hall and Oates closing out the festival tonight, should be a fun time. My advice: go Early. And, pack a sandwich.

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