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SLV (Sandra Lilia Velasquez) at Joe's Pub

by Sky Disco

Sandra Lilia Velasquez

This past Monday, I experienced a live performance by Sandra Lilia Velasquez (better known as SLV) at Joe’s Pub that quickly brought the word “sophisticated” to mind. SLV's sound—produced by 10-time Grammy nominee Me'Shell Ndegéocello—was reminiscent of early Sade fused with the Latin flavors and vocal textures of Gloria Estefan.   

Warm and inviting, like a semi-formal supper party, SLV was at ease in her mind-space when grooving during instrumental sections; emitting an appreciation of both self and circumstance, her energy blanketed the audience. Under the illumination of diffused spotlight, she owned her platform while delivering songs from her latest EP, Dig Deeper.

With her crystal-clear acoustic guitar and soul-baring lyrics, SLV transported the audience to a different time and place, causing one to truly contemplate the things that are often avoided in life—be it personal, political, or otherwise.

Leaving the deepest impression was SLV's absolute authenticity. When speaking with her after the show, I found that although she played the guitar and sang in her previous project, she now enjoys the freedom of being of an independent songwriter. Co-writing with Ndegéocello and drummer Sean Dixon, her self-revealing message mixed with soothing charm may be exactly what this city needs in these cold winter months.

Here's a little sneak peek at Monday night's show: