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Preview: New Beat Fund at Gramercy Theatre

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Our favorite quirky quartet, NeW bEAT FUNd, answered five quick questions ahead of tonight's show at the Gramercy Theatre. Here's what they had to say: 

FoM: Where does your name come from?
NbF: The legend comes from an ol' jar labeled "New Boat Fund." The O was later etched into an E making it the "New Beat Fund." That jar was then launched into the side of a corporate building with a three-man water-balloon launcher. The dust particles of the jar were swiffered up and baked into double fudge brownies, which all four members—Burnie Baker, Silky, Snaps, and Button—consumed, solidifying the conception of the band. Cheddar . . .

FoM: And how do you describe your music?
NbF: G-PunK, BeaCh Funk, GhosT PoP.

FoM: Who are your musical influences?
NbF: Fact of the matter is we grew up in the '90s where we were introduced to a Nirvana album right alongside a 2Pac album. We are influenced by all genres and understand that pimps and punks can twist a fatty together.

FoM: What's been your favorite moment on the Journeys tour so far?
NbF: It's only the third show of the tour, and Burnie Baker's birthday, so all the bands on the tour went on an epic drunken-bowling extravaganza! Let's just say the recollections are slim, but the aftermath is infinite.

FoM: What's your favorite thing about NYC?
NbF: Notorious BIG, supermodels, and pizza.