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Blondie Plays Super Bowl Boulevard


Last week, Super Bowl Boulevard—otherwise known as Broadway between 34th and 44th streets—was a hot mess of humanity, clogged with daytrippers and tourists who wouldn't know Daniel Boulud from Dave & Busters. During the day there were autograph signings, games for the kids, and all sorts of healthy eats from your friends at Pepsi, M&Ms, and McDonald's.

At night there was also a stage with free live music, most of it forgettable. (Bacon Brothers, anyone?) But on Saturday night there was Blondie. Yes—that Blondie. Hard to believe, but the punk/new wave legends are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year—give or take a few breakups—elevating themselves into apparent godlike status. Most of the good-sized crowd looked bewildered for most of their set—aside from singing along to "The Tide is High" and "One Way or Another"—but Debbie Harry didn't seem to care, working the audience with her cat-like charm while faking her way through some football-related banter. How is this woman possibly 68 years old? Not a bad way to spend a balmy February night. 

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