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Chris Madak's Electronic Listening Party at Issue Project Room

Chris Madak, issue project room

Chris Madak (a.k.a. Bee Mask) has been weaving electronic soundscapes for over a decade now, mixing analog synthesis, concréte manipulations on tape and samplers, and digital signal processing. As I stood and listened to Madak's set last night at Issue Project Room, I couldn't help but be impressed by the overflowing house listening attentively to his swirling maelstrom of sound, which owes its existence to the innovations of Stockhausen and Xenakis (as opposed to EDM poseurs). Madak says his music is "rooted in rituals of listening and the convivial experience of phonographic sound in space, from hi-fi's to sound systems." In other words: less dancing, more listening.

More pics below.

Chris Madak, Issue Project Room