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Fletcher C. Johnson Rocks the Crowd at Baby's All Right

by Melissa Caruso

Fletcher C Johnson, Baby's All Right

The band said that months had passed since their last performance, but they could've fooled me: this Brooklyn trio was on fire. What else do you expect from a band signed to Burger Records?

To celebrate the re-pressing of Salutations, Fletcher C. Johnson brought the party to Baby's All Right—the new music venue just south of the Williamsburg Bridge—last Thursday night. Touching on the sweet and fuzzed sides of '60s and '70s rock 'n' roll, the band cruises down a different highway of aesthetics similar to garage-rock kingpin King Tuff. Add in the band's East Coast roots and frontman Fletcher's admiration for MGMT, and they find their own unique, contemporary flair. 

But what truly makes this trio shine is their ability to switch gears and pummel through their charts with blistering speed one minute, before pumping the breaks and spinning on a dime the next. Mind-melting tempo changes like this might seem incongruous had they not learned to transition them so cleverly. 

Without adhering to a fixed set list, the band  playfully fed off the crowd's energy, highlighting the aforementioned record's high points. The jingly-jangly fuzz of "Wasted Boys" got the crowd loose, while the reverb-drenched "Happy Birthday" provided plenty of kicks. You can tell a band is onto something when the usual suspects are in the crowd: for FCJ, four NYC bands came out to watch, as did a journalist from the New York Times

And lastly, to the sound guy at Baby's All Right: Can I buy you a beer? Every layer sounded phenomenal, so crisp and clear, it was like experiencing a live set for the first time, all over again. Damn. It won't be long before the crowds that litter Bedford Avenue, Wythe, and Berry gravitate towards this shiny new southside gem; the same goes for the band.