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Preview: Broadway Chamber Players at St. Malachy's – "The Actors' Chapel"

Broadway Chamber Players

After a fanstastic debut performance at St. Patrick's Cathedral in January, Broadway Chamber Players is bringing their musicians' Broadway chops to the classical scene once more, this Monday, April 14, at 5:30 p.m. Staying a bit closer to home than their last presentation, "Black and Blue" will bring the jazz-inflected music of Gershwin, Wiedoeft, Milhaud, and more to the Theater District's St. Malachy's—commonly reffered to as "The Actors' Chapel."

Tickets start at $10.00, and are available here. And frankly—you're not going to hear these accomplished reed doublers play their regular gigs in the pits of Wicked, Matilda, Aladdin, or Cinderella for any less than that!