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Rutgers Opera at LPR: "The Threepenny Opera"

Q2 Spaces Visits Composers' Cribs

I'm starting to think that - unconditional hero-worship aside - composers are the most generous artists we have. I mean, would you let a complete stranger into your apartment? Apparently, that's no big deal for ten composers, who have allowed cameras from WQXR into their living quarters - most of which double as their work studios - over the past year-and-a-half to film segments for the ongoing video series Q2 Spaces. Suffice to say, these guys keep much cleaner house than Beethoven ever did, but what's really of interest is how each space reflects its owner's personality: Meredith Monk's pet turtle (Neutron), Timo Andres' tie rack, Tristan Perich's bins filled with cables and circuits. Now, if they can just get into John Adams' pad up in the Berkeley hills...

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